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Peaceful Reunification of China Association of New Zealand Established(12/11/2000)

The Peaceful Unification of China Association of New Zealand was established Sunday in Auckland, the biggest and most populous city of New Zealand.

Addressing the inaugural gathering, Larry Fong, who have been elected president of the association, noted that the objects of the association are to adhere to and promote the one China policy, to object to and discourage Taiwan's independence and separation from China and to promote and accelerate the peaceful reunification of China.

He pledged the association would organize various kinds of activities to enhance Chinese culture overseas, to promote understanding and support from the New Zealand government and people towards the cause of China's peaceful reunification, and unite Chinese, overseas Chinese and friends from other countries for promoting China's peaceful reunification.

Larry Fong urged Taiwan leaders to comply with the popular will and return back to one China position in order to open negotiations between the two sides of the straits as soon as possible.

Chinese Ambassador to New Zealand Chen Wenzhao specially went up to Auckland from Wellington and made a speech at the gathering.

The establishment of the Peaceful Reunification of China Association of New Zealand is a big event of the overseas Chinese in New Zealand, Chen noted.

The realization of the entire reunification of China, he said, is the common desire of all Chinese, including overseas Chinese as well as compatriots of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.

"A unified China will be in the interests of the Chinese people across the straits and conducive to peace and development in Asia-Pacific region and in the world at large," the ambassador said.

At the gathering, which was attended by about 300 people, messages from China's departments in charge of Taiwan and overseas Chinese affairs were read out, extending warm greetings to the establishment of the association.

Chinese Consul General in Auckland Zhao Xiangling attended the gathering.

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