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Chinese Consulate General in Christchurch Holds Opening Ceremony

The Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Christchurch held its official opening ceremony in Christchurch on 2 December. Xu Jianguo, Chinese Ambassador to New Zealand and David Walker, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of New Zealand, attended the ceremony and unveiled the plaque of the Consulate General. Other dignitaries among the 300-odd attendees at the ceremony were the local Maori leader Riki Tau, Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker, Dean of the Christchurch Consular Corps Jorgen Schousboe, and several Members of Parliament and Christchurch City Councilors.

Xu said in the opening ceremony that the bilateral relations between China and New Zealand have entered a new era since the two sides established diplomatic relations in 1972. The opening of the Consulate General in Christchurch shows that the Chinese Government attaches great importance to the development of China-New Zealand relations. The Consulate General will not only promote the cooperation between China and South Island but also play an active part in the rebuild of Christchurch after the earthquake.

Walker, on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in New Zealand, expressed warm congratulations on the opening of the Chinese Consulate General in Christchurch. He said the opening of the Consulate General would bring new opportunities for the cooperation and communication between China and New Zealand, especially the South Island. He hoped the two sides could seize the opportunities and strengthen the co-operations so as to bring more benefits to the people.

Located in the southeast of South Island, Christchurch is the largest city in South Island and the third largest city in New Zealand.

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